This years christms lights were a real disaster with no thought to the planning of how the lights would look, they were just put up willy nilly. I have seen the blue planet but never a blue star. Before the council took over our lights they were the best on the south coast,not now

  elf and beware    

The Switch on at the East Street junction was chaotic to say the least with the bus'es having a real problem trying to see there way out and most of the shops losing out again on sales

Welcome To Selsey If you are a first time visitor or a returning visitor, welcome to what we think is one of the best quiet corners of the world.We have sun, sea, walks, fishing, diving and many other attractions here.Whilst you are in the area, please make sure you give everything a try. Another major benefit of visiting Selsey is the dark sky. If you live in a large town the sky at night is black. Here in Selsey it is anything but black. Just take the time to gaze upwards on a clear night and be amazed at what you can see. Many of the street lights are turned off at midnight to make the experience even better. We have award winning public parks and natural open spaces. Manor Green Park, Selsey Common and East Beach Pond are all there for your enjoyment We have clean beaches,so swimming in the sea is another enjoyable activity we host here.Just take care and stay close to the shore and enjoy yourself.Although we have a lifeboat,we don’t want it to be called out to you. The lifeboat house,museum and shop are open to the public so you can get up-close and personal with an amazing boat and see the good work the various boats and dedicated crews have done and continue to do.
Do you remeber the angel I wonder whats happenen to her now. We also lost the donkey derby,and the summer carnival,with its thirty plus floats, Perhaps the council would like to take these over as well

The last time the lights were left up after twelth night we had a tornado and we lost all the lights

Hooray they are down soon

read the history of the lights


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